Colored cotton spools

Cotton fabric and cotton yarn prices have increased in the last few days due to explosive demand from local industries. Ludhiana vendors in the industry have increased the price by rs 5-10 per kg. The omicron virus worries are the main reason for the high demand for cotton and price hike.

In Ludhiana, manufacturers have increased the price for carded and combed yarn of  ’20s and 30s’ counts by Rs.5 per kg.  The 20’s count combed yarn price has increased to Rs.325-335 per kg. and 25 count combed yarn price has increased to Rs.330-340 per kg.

The Delhi and Kolkata manufacturers have also increased the same price but the recycled yarn price are remained the same in Panipat, except 20’s count coloured yarn hike of Rs.5 per kg at new price of Rs.100-125 per kg.
As per the sources, buyers are interested to buy the yarn at current market price, however price in Ludhiana is increasing  because of the coming new summer season. Cotton demand will also increase after a few weeks due to the upcoming summer season. Textiles source said that the price for cotton yarn and fabric will likely increase in the current scenario.

In the International market, ZCE cotton yarn May 2020 was traded lower by CNY 70 at CNY 26,510 per MT. On Friday, New York Cotton March 2022 closed at US cents 106.23 with down fall of 36 points, May 2022 closed at US cents 104.93, down 31 points, July 2022 closed at 102.8 cents, down 30 points. But north India cotton hiked rs.200-250 to rs60,000-62,000 per candy of 356 kg each.

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