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Apparel Designing

We help you bring your vision to life. A team of creative fashion & apparel experts, Tech-pack professionals, brand identity thinker, fashion & apparel merchandisers. We at Scabdap create exclusive designs for all kinds of apparel – T-shirts, Hoodies, Tank Top, Sweatshirt,Pants, Denim, Shorts, Trouser, Jogger, Leggings, Shirts, Apron, Jackets and other apparels products.

Here at Scabdap, we have creative designers who can create an entire collection for your brand according to the market demand and customer’s need. Over the years we come to learn what new brands do to achieve success, and the common challenges they face as they grow. We pay specific attention to the funding limitations, timeline expectations, order minimums and quality structure that a fashion brand like yours will face.


Proper research and planning is very important before starting a project however big or small it may seem.  As apparel industry experts, our team can effectively research the feasibility of a design idea and will arm you with the information needed to set your product apart from the competition.

  • Identify your target market..
  • Competitive Edge: you can develop an advantage over your competitors and establish yourself as leaders in the market.
  • Proper Research can develop unique products for your brand.

Our R&D team of experts puts their hard work and  brain to bring out the best idea and concept from their research that will differentiate your product stand out in the market from other competitors.

How we work:




We start working with the market research or trend research, we create proper report for market research which includes competitive brand research, a new trend research, demographic and geographical research based on the target audience.

After market research, we analyze the trend based on trend forecast and market need, it will help in understanding the target audience and give unique selling point the collection.

Once the trend analysis is done we start working on mood boards, story boards, idea board, color board. Mood board is the theme for the collection on which entire design will be made. Story board is the concept based on the research and trend reports that gives narration to the collection. Whereas idea board and color board is the design direction which indicates what type of design element  & colors will go with each design. These boards will be the pillar for your brand collection which gives directions to the designs.

What do I need to get started?
How many Boards do you create for the collections?
Yes, we do provide digital flat sketches and digital sketches with all the details.