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Techpack Development

If you are a brand, a designer or a product developer, you can leverage your apparel or textile production with a techpack. Translate your product idea to an instructional document with specifications for your factory to follow.

Our tech pack designer  at Scabdap Fashion & Retail Private Ltd. have the experience of managing a multitude of clients and are fully equipped to understand, analyze and convert your creative vision to factory ready tech packs. Most importantly, we re-iterate the importance of transferring the initial design idea coherently to our design team, allowing us to take it from there and process it faster.

In short, we take your idea in its raw form and convert it to factory ready tech pack.
All you need to get started are some rough sketches of your design, the fabrics you are using and a sample/prototype of your product.

Why techpack is Important?

Your techpack should tell your pattern marker or factory how to create your sample and what to include in it. The more detailed the better. Do not take anything for granted. The more detailed your tech pack is, the easier it will be for your factory to gauge how much time it will take to make your product and thus, how much it will cost.

  • Deliver factory ready tech packs & Measurement Spec Sheets for Clothing.
  • Get Error free Samples.
  • Reduce Manufacturing Cost.

Creating a complete tech pack requires some time and effort. An investment that is totally worth it when you consider how much time, money and headaches this will save you down the line. This includes wastes on wrong samples, development costs, and sample logistics.

Our Expertise




We can create full detailed techpack for menswear and womenswear. Additionally we can also develop techpack of fashion accessories such as shoes,bag,belt,cap,shocks,kneesleeves,arm sleeves, watches,scarf,wallet,tie,sunglasses etc.
As a professional and experienced clothing manufacturer, we worked with thousands of different brands and designers all aroung the world. So we know exactly what really need to make a sample and what is a professinal techpack file.

We provide the following information:

  • Photos / Sketches of each style (front + back)
  • Names / descriptions of your desired fabrics
  • Seam-to-seam measurements for at least one size
  • Close-ups of features like pockets or ruffles
  • Names / Pantone codes of your desired colours
  • Artworks for embroidery or printing
What information do you need to create techpack from us?
What details will include in our techpack?
Can you replicate and create techpack from the image?